The world’s first substance to claim as the blackest black, VantaBlack, now has a new competitor. While the Musou Black from Japan is not challenging for the title of the “blackest black” substance, I am sure it will give existing super black substances like the aforementioned VantaBlack, Black 2.0, and the more recent Singularity 2, a run for their money.

Musou Black Darkest Water-based Acrylic Paint

Why? Because, Musou Black from optical equipment maker Koyo Orient Japan Co., Ltd. has stake claimed as the “world’s blackest water-based acrylic paint.” And the it has its eyes set on photography and model makers.

Musou Black is a super light absorbing material and it is said to darker than the new Black 3.0. If anyone’s interested to know, it has a total reflectance rate of 0.6% in the visible light range.

Musou Black Darkest Water-based Acrylic Paint

However, how black it is, it really depends on the product (acrylic paint, sheets et cetera) and how it is being applied (like, airbrush, hand painted et cetera).

The Musou Black is a synthetic resin paint formulated for use on plastic models, crafts and whatnot. It comes in 100 ml bottle and it is to buy for select countries, for 2,500 yen per bottle (about US$24).

Koyo Orient Japan also offers a bunch of light absorbing products, including a variety of light absorbing sheets, sticker, and even camera leather.

Images: Koyo Orient Japan Co. Ltd.

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