I am sure the idea of a brick-built, giant LEGO Minifig isn’t new. But since this popped up on our radar and it appears to be cohesive, we thought we should help Seb_E get in some support.

Proposed LEGO Ideas Giant Minifig by Seb_E

Like all LEGO Ideas submission, the future of the proposed LEGO Ideas Giant Minifig is not clear yet. Regardless of the future, we know we need one. I mean, don’t you? There’s no specific theme, but that’s the beauty of this. It is just, you know, the LEGO minifig-next-door.

Its proposer, LEGO Ideas member Seb_E have wanted to build a giant minifig that he could set up on his desk, next to his computer and so thus, the idea was born. Too bad it a render. It would have been nice of someone built an actual figure and hold it for a photo shoot, so can have an idea of how big and awesome it would be.

Proposed LEGO Ideas Giant Minifig by Seb_E

Seb_E’s proposition is roughly 6-7 times larger than a regular minifigure. It would have 1,000 pieces and measures over 28 cm (11 inches) tall. The brick built giant will have proper hair, a printed face, a printed t-shirt and boasts articulations on the neck, the arms, hands and legs – just like the regular minifigures.

If you like what you see, perhaps you could lend Seb_E your precious one support to help it reach the next milestone?

Images: LEGO Ideas (Seb_E).

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