Blackest Black Object You Can Own

I am sure you have heard about the fuss over the world’s blackest material, Vantablack, which came onto the market a couple of years ago. Since then, there have been a few “equivalents” like the Black 2.0 and a few others that seek to make the Anish Kapoor-owned Vantablack available to all artists.

Singularity 2 is the latest to join the blackest black hype, but it is not just for artists. It is a piece of the blackest black object you and I can own. Why do anyone want other than artists and space engineers want a piece of the blackest black object? I don’t know. Perhaps, it could be a geek’s badge of honor, or something?

Blackest Black Object You Can Own

Singularity 2, as the name implies, is not the first. It is the second iteration that promised to be even more black. In fact, Singularity 2 boasts a number of new features, including matte protective coating, no gloss at low angles of incidence, stiffened backing to prevent surface rippling, non-ridged micro-texture and of course, super black performance from all angles.

Singularity 2 is not Vantablack, nor is it the Black 2.0. It was created by one Simon Thompson as an alternative to the Vantablack. Unfortunately, it isn’t a paint which you can apply to say, for example, a car. It is offered as a display-worthy collectible, in ultra-clear Lucite acrylic, in two sizes and as a void sheet which you can cut and trim to apply on whatever art or object of your choosing.

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Singularity Designs has taken Kickstarter to peddle Singularity 2 where you can help make it a reality by pre-ordering it for £35-49 (about US$44-62). If the campaign gets funded within the next 50 days, you can expect the Blackest Black Object You Can Own to be delivered sometime in March 2020.

Blackest Black Object You Can Own

Images courtesy of Singularity Designs.

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