Being a blog that is intrigued by flashlights, you know we are not going to pass on this. Coming from YouTube channel/engineering company, The Hacksmith, is the so-called “World’s Brightest Flashlight.”

We cannot verify if this giant-ass flashlight is the world’s brightest, but it sure is the world’s biggest! Man, just look at that size! It looks like a flashlight that has fallen from the giants’ world in Jack and the Beanstalk.

The World’s Brightest Flashlight by The Hacksmith
300 LEDs!

The flashlight is lit up by no less than 300 (!) Cree LEDs and it is so bright and hot that it literally melts a Crookes radiometer when the team tried to measure the light intensity. Holy mother of…

To put things in perspective (in respect to the number of LEDs it has), the current world’s brightness production flashlight, the Imalent MS-18, has 18 LEDs – which is a lot by LED flashlight’s standard.

All told, this gigantic flashlight packs 50 custom PCBs – each fitted with 6 LEDs, 50 constant current LED drivers, 6 lithium battery packs, a control board with relays, and an insane amount of wires.

The World’s Brightest Flashlight by The Hacksmith
If the flashlight perched on a shipping container did not give you a sense of its sheer size then this screen grab should.

The flashlight is finish individual lens on each LED/PCB unit before rounding up with a huge, round Fresnel lens to gather the light to make them more focus like a regular flashlight.

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Speaking of regular flashlight, The Hacksmith’s giant variety also rocks three mode of light intensity: low, high and turbo.

The team also made a body for it to complete the look. The result was pretty amazing, both by power and look. Well, at least, on camera it looks pretty dope. Go ahead and have a look at the planning and build process.

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Images: YouTube (The Hacksmith).

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