When packages left on the porch keep getting stolen… regular folks would have a security camera system setup to nab the thief. Meanwhile a former NASA engineer designed and made a Glitter Bomb Trap to teach these thieves a colorful and (nasty) odor-filled lesson. The engineer is Mark Rober, the same person who made the world’s largest NERF gun and the world’s largest Super Soaker. Before his engineer mind kicked in, Rober did what any folk would do; he recorded the deed, brought it to the police, but police can’t do anything about it because, America.

Glitter Bomb Trap by Mark Rober
Glorious glitter that is sure to create a mess for the porch pirates

So he to take matters into his own hands, engineered the Glitter Bomb Trap… disguised as a delivered package, obviously. This over engineered prank device is designed to spits out a shit load of shiny flakes, followed by some really nasty fart – courtesy of a cam-operated fart spray. A built-in accelerometer, along with a geo-fencing setup and GPS, detects if the package has been moved and alert Rober wirelessly, while onboard GPS track where it has been taken. There are sensors to sense if the package is opened and trigger the teach-you-not-to-steal sequence.

Glitter Bomb Trap by Mark Rober
Four smartphones, each with a wide-angle camera, provide 360 recording of the unwanted ‘unboxing’

The sensors also wake up the four smartphones within to start recording this unwanted “unboxing.” LTE radio is also present to upload the footage to the Cloud in case the package cannot be recovered and finally, a custom circuit board, serving as the brain of the entire operation, completes the setup. Mark Rober’s Glitter Bomb Trap is indeed an over engineered thief-pranking device. Since the creation of this brilliant device, Mark has caught a few despicable folks in the act and suffering the consequence as a result.

Glitter Bomb Trap by Mark Rober
Here’s the fart spray with a custom cam that enables timed ‘dosages’

Needless to say, seeing justice served without harming the perpetrators was particularly satisfying. Although I do agree with some comments that maybe glitter and fart spray were too light of a punishment for this evil-doers. Anywho, continue reading for a video to see the details of this awesome rig and the reaction of the thieves when they opened the package.

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Images: YouTube.

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