Appliances that move on their own aren’t new. There’s self-driving fridge, robot vacuum, robot photographer, robot waiter, and even robot air purifier. Now, there’s new kind of appliance that move autonomous robot and its mission? Disinfect publicly touched areas.

LG Autonomous Disinfecting UV Light Robot

This new kind of robot is being developed by LG and designed for various B2B applications. Combining robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, and armed with ultraviolet C (UV-C) light, the autonomous UV robot will go around disinfecting high-touch, high-traffic areas and its narrow design allows it to easily navigate around tables, chairs, and other furniture.

The autonomous UV robot is able to irradiate a room’s touchable surfaces in 15-30 minutes and it is capable of disinfecting multiple areas on a single battery charge. The robot’s progress can be monitored via remote updates to mobile phones or tablets.

LG Autonomous Disinfecting UV Light Robot

It further boasts a built-in safety lock activated by human motion detection sensors to minimize humans exposure to UV rays. It can also be quickly disable using the emergency stop button or via the mobile application.

The robot will bring about new standard hygiene while allowing businesses to focus on their core operation.

LG envision the robot to be deployed in places like hospitality, retail, corporate and education institutions in the United States in early 2021. Meanwhile, LG will officially unveil the product at Digital CES 2021.

LG Autonomous Disinfecting UV Light Robot

Images: LG.

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