When we talk about robot apocalypse, it is probably not about SkyNet trying to lord over us. Most likely it will be robots taking our jobs. There are already a number of examples, including construction robot, burger making robot, supermarket stock checkers (like this and this), robot stuntman, robot Table Tennis coach and various kinds of security robots – just to name a few. The rate of robots taking over traditional jobs borderline phenomenal and it looks like even photographers, wedding photographers included, are not spared from this inevitable development.

Service Robots Eva Photography Robot

In some wedding receptions, the couple will engage a photographer to take pictures of the wedding. Typically, the photographer will go around taking photos of guests. Apparently, it sounds like a job simple enough for a rolling robot like Eva Photography Robot. Created by an English company, Service Robots, Eva stands nearly 5 feet tall and comes outfitted with sensors, facial recognition technology and a camera that allows it to autonomously roam the wedding reception location on a preset path and stopping to invite guests to take a photo.

Service Robots Eva Photography Robot
Service Robots Eva Photography Robot

In a way, Eva is like a cross between a Roomba and a photo booth – a lovechild of the two if you will. But more correctly, Eva is robotic photo booth. Instead of guests inviting themselves to a claustrophobic static booth, Eva brings the photo booth to them. Eva is also equipped with a large, 23.8-inch touchscreen (which frame doubles as a soft flash light) to let her subject select from a wide range of photo styles and true to the motive of a photo booth, it can instantly churn out the photo, though not directly from the robot itself. Instead, guests can print the photo(s) at a photo station, or share online on the various social media platforms directly from Eva.

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Eva Photography Robot saw action last weekend at a wedding in the U.K. when newly wed Gary and Megan hired her. It was Eva’s first wedding stint. A milestone and a testimony that she’s is capable of doing what she was designed to do. Just in case you are wondering, Gary and Megan did engaged a human wedding photographer for the day too. So your job as a wedding photographer is still safe – for now. With advancement in robotic technologies, there is really no telling if one day a humanoid replaced human photographers.

In addition to Photography Robot, Service Robots has a bunch of other robots for other applications, including information robot, robot waitress, Eva Survey and a robot that goes around dishing advertisements. Service Robots’ robots are open for hiring and they can be bought too.

Images: Service Robots.

Source: PetaPixel.

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