Momentum Machines Autonomous Burger Making Machine

Remember Miso Robotics’ burger flipping robot? Well, it looks like Miso is not alone in the endeavor to automate burger making. In fact, if you are still feeling nonchalant about robots taking over minimum wage jobs like flipping burgers, then this other burger making robot from San Francisco-based Momentum Machines should leave you with a lot to worry about. Unlike Miso’s solution, Momentum Machines’ solution requires zero human intervention. Zero. Nada. Naught. And you know what it means, don’t you? It means, if companies like Momentum Machines have their way, you can kiss this once popular income supplementing, after school/vacation job goodbye.

According to a report, the latest iteration of this burger-making machine is capable of putting together 400 burgers and bagging them in an hour and it could very well become a reality very, very soon. So, be afraid. Be very afraid. The rise of the machines is imminent. Though, granted, the rise of the machines may not be what we have imagined. They (the machines) are here to make human race irrelevant, except for consuming. Then again, if there’s no income, where do we get the money to pay for the robot-made burgers? I guess we should all be making apps for a living in near future. Until Google’s AI teaching AI becomes a reality, we’d still have a few options to earn a livelihood.

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But how soon will this age-old after school/vacation job become non-existence? Like I said, it could be very soon because Momentum Machines have recently secured a whopping $18 million in venture funding that will help push it into reality. So, does the machine really make human obsolete? Not quite, actually. The company said they still need humans to take the rubbish out. Well, that’s a consolation, I guess? Anyways, if you don’t already know, Momentum Machines won’t be a crude contraption; the machine is totally capable slice toppings like tomatoes and pickles, topping them on the burger, and ready to be served. Moreover, it is possible for customers to specify their orders, such as requesting their preferred meat ratio, plus the machine can even get it wrapped up for to-go orders.

Momentum Machines said that with a machine like theirs, burger making will be more efficient and also more sanitary, and therefore the savings from employing human labor can then directed to acquiring better grade ingredients that would put the burger on gourmet level. On top of that, the small footprint of the machine, which is a modest 24-square-foot, means the establishment could have more room for seating. In short, it has an equation that would make a business happy. No unions to bow to. No demand for minimum wages or rests, all while the money is filling up the coffers of businesses. So, you can’t really blame the world for going robotics.

Image and source: Daily Mail.