Well, what do you know? Peugeot is making a comeback in the pickup market since after pulling the plug more than a decade ago. Not surprisingly, the French automaker is eyeing on the Africa market, a region where it had quite a foothold before winding it all up in 2005, for its return. However, this time round, it will not be getting any Peugeot historical model naming; instead it will be simply called Peugeot Pickup Truck. The truck will be hitting the Africa market in September with an yet to be disclosed sticker and it is also not known if it will be offered beyond Africa.

Peugeot Returns to the Pickup Truck Market

This 5.08 meter (16-foot) long compact lightweight truck is driven by a 2.5L common rail turbo diesel motor producing 115 bhp and 280 Nm (206 lb-ft) of torque, mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. It will be offered in a choice of 4×4 and 4×2 with the former boasting a regular 4×4 4H mode (4-wheel high-range), as well as 4L mode (4-wheel low-range) suitable for getting out of sticky situations and making ridiculous ascents and descents. Obviously, the all-wheel drive here is not the kind of all-wheel drive you find on a Scooby or an Evo. After all, this is designed to be a workhorse like most pickup trucks are designed to be.

Peugeot Returns to the Pickup Truck Market

The Peugeot Pickup Truck, for now, is in double-cab style which comes standard with a protective resin-treated rear bed of size 1.4 m long and 1.39 m wide (4.6’ by 4.5’). Built on a ladder chassis with a rigid rear axle, 4-blade leaf springs and rolling on Yokohama tires, it has a payload of 815 kg (1,796 lbs). While built to be a workhorse, Peugeot has not forgotten to throw in some features and amenities fit for modern users and these includes, manual air-conditioning, powered windows, radio with CD player, a USB port, drivers and front passenger airbags, powered side mirrors, ABS with brakeforce distribution, and rear parking aids.

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Peugeot Returns to the Pickup Truck Market

Basically, it has most of the stuff you’d find on most of today’s entry-level automobiles and you’d be getting all those features and equipment as standard issues across the range. Not that there’s a lot of ‘range’ to talk about. Anywho, the 4×4 get gets extra distinctions in the form of an obvious higher ride height, chrome bow at the level of the bed, roof bars and lateral footboards.

Aesthetically, I think it has a very Tacoma look (the 90s Tacoma, that is), featuring a handsome square off front fascia with a large grille slapped with a emblem of the lion, while the tail gate gets a large, stamped Peugeot lettering – a node to its illustrious forebears, the 1967 Peugeot 404 and modern era 504 pickup trucks which was produced until 2005. It may not be the most powerful pickup out there, but for some reasons, Peugeot returning pickup truck had me at hello. Then again, most pickup trucks made to be a workhorse, not leisure, always have me smiling.

Peugeot Returns to the Pickup Truck Market

Images courtesy of Peugeot.

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