Adult Swim x Turo Mazda Mortymobile

Rickmobile was an impressive creation that is still touring cities to this day, but as cool as it is, you can’t get behind the wheel of one. I’ll say, forget about the alcoholic version of Doc Brown and look to his naive, easily manipulated grandson because, he has a car too. Yes, really. There’s Mortymobile now.

Created in collaboration between Adult Swim and Turo, the aptly named Mortymobile was unveiled at the Adult Swim Festival in Los Angeles today and it will proceed to celebrate the show’s fourth season by showing up in various cities where fans can book this sure-to-turn-heads one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Adult Swim x Turo Mazda Mortymobile

That’s right. Mortymobile is not only real, but also available for rent. It will be available first in L.A. (November 18-25), followed by San Diego (December 9-16). More cities and dates will be announced for 2020 – thankfully, all of the places will be well within this dimension, btw.

Here’s a little something about this ride with custom “topping”:

“Painstakingly designed and hand-crafted using the finest fiberglass available in this dimension, the larger-than-life Morty is fixed atop a 2010 Crystal White Pearl Mica Mazda 3. This 5-door hatchback boasts a 2.5L four-cylinder engine with 167 horsepower, a four-speaker audio system for bumping the planet-rescuing slapper, “Get Schwifty”, and power windows, so you can feel that brisk November breeze on your face.”

Adult Swim x Turo Mazda Mortymobile

TBH, we wished Morty was more imposing, i.e. bigger. Like, you know, engulfing the most of the car as Rick did on the Rickmobile. Unfortunately, it is a road legal car that you and I can drive, and as such it will have fit into regular parking garages and also you home’s garage. Therefore, Morty can’t be too huge.

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Anywho, this Rick and Morty experience is available exclusively on the car sharing marketplace, Turo, where you can book one for a cool $350 a day. Ouch. Well, nobody ever say time with an intergalactic celebrity comes cheap.

Also, the ride can only be driven within this dimension. Sorry. Intergalactic traveling is not included. Rick and Morty season 4 began on November 10, 2019.

Adult Swim x Turo Mazda Mortymobile

All images courtesy of Adult Swim/Turo.