Here’s a new products announcement/deal from Roku that you do not want to miss. Roku has announced its first ever onn. Roku TV and a Roku SE streaming player that will go on sale at Walmart for Black Friday.

Additionally, Roku is taking 20 bucks off Roku Streaming Stick+, $30 off Roku Smart Soundbar and $50 off Roku Ultra at places where Roku devices are sold. To top that off, buyers will benefit from nearly $65 worth of additional value in entertainment.

Honestly, I propose you forget about those offers and look at the onn. Roku TV and the Roku SE. Why? Because, they are super affordable. Like, really, really super-duper affordable.

onn. Roku TV

The onn. Roku TV will be available exclusively at Walmart as part of the retain chain’s house brand. It will be offered in three sizes: an FHD 40-inch model that goes for $98, a 4K 50-inch with a $148 MSRP and a 4K 58-inch that costs just $198.

Here is the list of features you can expect from the TV:

• A simple home screen with easy-to-click icons for game consoles, HDTV antennas and more – located right next to favorite streaming channels
• Access to 500,000+ movies and TV episodes across thousands of paid and free channels plus The Roku Channel curated with thousands of free movies and TV shows
• Easy to use Roku remote and free Roku mobile app
• Automatic software updates including new streaming channels over time
• UHD viewing (40” is FHD)
• (3) HDMI ports
• (1 to 2) USB ports
• 60 Hz refresh rate
• Compatibility with popular third-party voice assistant devices

At just $18, the limited edition Roku SE streaming player is perfect for gifting or as a streaming player for your secondary TV. Damn well heard that right. 18 bucks. A streaming player. Roku SE is expected to hit the shelves on November 28, 2019.

Now, you know why I propose to forget about those offers? Seriously, where in the world can you find a 18 dollars streaming player, let alone a sub-$100 FHD FHD TV with a bunch of entertainment options built in? Probably no where.

Roku SE Streaming Player

Images: Roku.

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