Gran Turismo Sophy Racing AI Agent Unveiled

Ever played a racing video game and think the AI drivers are too easy to beat? Well, “stupid” AI drivers may be a thing of the past with Gran Turismo Sophy Racing AI Agent.

Sony AI, together with Polyphony Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment, has developed an AI driver for Gran Turismo Sport racing game that is capable of dynamic response to the racing environment, making passes, executing defensive maneuvers to avoid crashes – all while observing race etiquette like a real race car driver.

Gran Turismo Sophy Racing AI Agent Unveiled

The AI agent has been trained to master the driving skills to compete in world’s championship events and so far, it has proven itself to be able to outrace even the best human players in the game in time trial races and in a competition format used in Gran Turismo Championships e-sports events.

With the future implementation of AI agents, the future of Gran Turismo will further blur the line between what’s real and what’s not.

However, the purpose of Gran Turismo Sophy is not to make life hell for virtual racers but it exists to stimulate opponents and hopefully, elevate players’ skills.

Obviously, we are being brief. To truly appreciate what Sony AI has done, you have to watch this video:

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You can also learn more about Gran Turismo Sophy over at this dedicated web page HERE.

The new AI driver may not be on the new Gran Turismo 7 at launch but it is expected to be included in a future update of the game.

Images: Sony AI.