Is it just me who felt that this “reservation” practice for the yet-to-be-produced automobile is getting out of hand? I mean the wait time is obnoxious (Cue Tesla Cybertruck). Speaking of reservation, here’s another EV that you can reserve but won’t be produced until the year 2024 and it is from Fisker Automotive.

After the official unveiling of its first production EV (EMotion has been put on hold, btw), the OCEAN Electric SUV at CES 2020, Fisker has revealed its second production electric vehicle, called PEAR all-electric urban vehicle. Yup. That’s the name Fisker is going with for now.

Information regarding this new Fisker EV is scarce. However, we do know that it is created in collaboration with Foxconn, the electronic manufacturing giant best known for producing iPhones and Samsung devices.

Fisker has offered a lone teaser image (pictured above) for Project PEAR with no other details. PEAR, btw, stands for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution. Here’s the official description:

“The all-electric Fisker PEAR blends sustainability, technology, and design into a digitally connected, compact, five-passenger urban EV. Featuring intuitive controls, sporty driving, clever storage, and a focus on industry firsts.”

The Fisker PEAR will be produced in Ohio, United States starting in 2024 with the first deliveries to happen in the same year. Fisker is aiming for a minimum production of over 250,000 units a year.

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The Fisker PEAR has a super affordable starting price of US$29,900 plus taxes and before incentives in the U.S. Having said that, interested folks can reserve the PEAR for US$250 and US$100 for the second reservation. So, yes, you are free to reserve two.

Meanwhile, the marque’s first vehicle, the all-electric Fisker OCEAN SUV will begin production in November 2022 in Graz, Austria.

Image: Fisker Automotive.

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