Fisker Is Taking Reservation For Its Second EV, PEAR. Yes, Already

Is it just me who felt that this “reservation” practice for the yet-to-be-produced automobile is getting out of hand? I mean the wait time is obnoxious (Cue Tesla Cybertruck). Speaking of reservation, here’s another EV that you can reserve but won’t be produced until the year 2024 and it is from Fisker Automotive.

Fisker Announced “Under $40K” “Mass Market” Electric SUV

Did anyone noticed Fisker did not make news at this year’s CES like it did last year? But a couple of months later, it suddenly dished out news that it is making “a practical, desirable and attainable” electric SUV. So how attainable are we talking about? Well, that would be a base price of below …

Fisker EMotion Electric Luxury Sedan Makes Global Debut At CES 2018

What is electric powered, has 400 miles range, a top speed of 161 mph, all-wheel drive and has unique opening doors? Tesla? Nope. Not a Tesla this time. Neither is it yet another China-based EV maker. It is none other than the Fisker EMotion Electric Luxury Sedan from the revived Fisker Automotive (now called Fisker, …

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