Did anyone noticed Fisker did not make news at this year’s CES like it did last year? But a couple of months later, it suddenly dished out news that it is making “a practical, desirable and attainable” electric SUV. So how attainable are we talking about? Well, that would be a base price of below $40,000. At this point, there is nothing to show, save for a front-view render of the electric SUV that looks suspiciously like a Range Rover. As expect of such press release, it is laden with marketing talks that attempt to drive consumers’ emotion. It is not doing it for me, btw.

Seriously, we need more details which are lacking as of now. What we know at this point is, the unnamed electric SUV is a four-wheel drive ride with power coming from a pair of electric motors – one front and on rear – and it will be outfitted with a 80 kWh lithium-ion battery system that will afford it a range of around 300 miles (483 kilometers) with extended range which Fisker said will come as standard. There is also a radar behind glass where the grill used to be on cars. Though it is not clear what’s the function of this radar. Self-driving, maybe?

Fisker Under $40K Electric SUV

Other bits and pieces include a parametric pattern at the lower front “where air cooling is directed when needed,” lower body aerodynamic features, an extended open-air atmosphere with a touch of a button, and optional 22-inch wheels. With the exception of the wheels, those piecemeal info mean nothing to us. Fisker is expected to finalize the price as well as introduce a drivable prototype later this year. Like, Tesla, it will start offering registration with deposit, of course, close to the start of production. I don’t think it will be anytime soon as the company is still finalizing the selection of a facility in the U.S. to produce the SUV. So, yeah, it does even have a cradle yet.

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But it does have an estimated launch date which will be in Q2 of 2021. The unnamed electric SUV is first of the three all-new, mass market vehicles. Meanwhile, the Fisker EMotion revealed last year is facing a delay and no, that’s not one of the three “mass market vehicles.” EMotion is destined as a low-volume flagship model which will only roll into the market after “an affordable model becomes available.” Looking at how the first affordable mass market vehicle, namely the SUV, will only be launch in 2021, it will be a long while before you see EMotion rolling on the streets of America.

Yawns. Wake me up when it is ready, will ya?

Now have a look at a gorgeous electric ride that you won’t be seeing until after 2021:

Fisker EMotion Electric Luxury Sedan Debuts at CES

Images: Fisker Automotive.

Source: Fisker Automotive via The Verge.

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