At this point, every handset maker has to have a true wireless earbuds of their own. Apple has the AirPods. Google has Pixel Buds. Xiaomi has the Mi AirDots, and more recently, Samsung reveals its own take, the Galaxy Buds. Now, there is yet another AirDots, this time from budget handset brand of Xiaomi, Redmi. Yes. We kind of missed the Mi AirDots when it was introduced last November. But don’t matter because, Redmi AirDots is the exact same thing.

Redmi AirDots True Wireless Earbuds

The only difference is the color, with the Redmi’s version in black while the Xiaomi’s version in white. Oh, wait. The price is very different too. Xiaomi AirDots goes for 199 yuan (approximately US$30) and the Redmi AirDots is selling for a mind-blowing price of 99.9 yuan, or about 15 American dollars. Now, that is a number that’s truly affordable. Sound quality, aside of course.

Redmi AirDots True Wireless Earbuds

Anyways… features include 7.2 mm drivers, built-in DSP, Bluetooth 5.0, works with voice assistant (works with both Apple Siri and Google Assistant), quick pairing, built-in controls, 40 mAh battery that is good for 4 hours of use, and a finally, a requisite battery case that packs a 300 mAh battery for an additional 12 hours of playtime. Though it is worthy to note that the buds will need 1.5 hours to be charge and the case battery requires 2 hours.

Basically, those are about it. Like what else do we need to know, right? Good lord. It is just 15 dollars! We have reason to believe Xiaomi did not design these earbuds from the ground up like Apple, Samsung and Google. They probably pulled from the many OEMs in China. I may be be wrong. But like who cares if it cost just 15 bucks, right? Xiaomi is accepting pre-order for the Redmi AirDots True Wireless Earbuds in China with delivery starting on April 9.

Images: Xiaomi.

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