This season, it is about how to lose the annoying notch on smartphones and it looks like ZTE Corporation is leading the pack with two upcoming smartphones called ZTE AXON S and AXON V. Now, we can’t vouch for the authenticity of the former, but the latter was found filed as a submission for iF World Design Guide by ZTE Corporation itself.

ZTE AXON V Smartphone
ZTE AXON V Smartphone

Both devices are not announced yet, btw. In an attempt to get rid of the notch to achieve highest possible screen-to-body ratio, AXON V has located on the selfie, a dual camera setup presumably with sensor and all, to the side of the phone. The look is, as you can imagine, rather odd. Oddity aside, the obvious boon is you get the full potential of selfie camera without punching a hole or two, or having a notch, and also, it frees up a portion of space for a bigger capacity battery, for example.

ZTE AXON V Smartphone
Close up at the side protrusion on the AXON V

According to the submission on iF, AXON V is an “entertainment-focused smartphone” and it will feature a 6.8-inch OLED display with a lengthy 21:9 aspect ratio and “3D structured camera in a unique way to built its asymmetrical face.” Whatever that means. That really is what we know of this yet-to-be-unveiled device. Next is the AXON S with another way of taking the notch off the display and this time, it is a slider, but like the AXON V, it slide from the side.

ZTE AXON S Smartphone
ZTE AXON S Smartphone

Like Oppo Find X, the slider reveals both the front-facing dual cameras and the rear-facing triple cameras which will otherwise be hidden. The thing is, no one is sure if this is the real deal, but according to the source where this phone originated, AXON S would have a 48 MP, a paired to a 19 MP and and a third camera with 5x optical zoom. If the renders of the AXON S were to believe, it would be a 5G device that also touts under display fingerprint scanner.

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While the purported AXON S is a little sketchy at this point, one thing you can be sure is that AXON V is the real deal that will be hitting the market this year.

Images: ZTE/Notebook Italia.

Source: Business Times/The Verge.

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