Have you heard of Amazon Day 1 Edition? Amazon Day 1 Edition is basically Amazon’s very own crowdfunding campaign of sort aim to bring concept products into reality. The Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer is one of the currently being funded product.

Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer

Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer is an Alexa-enabled ink-free printer that, well, prints stuff. It can print stuff like to-do lists, reminders, recipes, shopping lists, and even Sudoku puzzles, straight onto sticky note. It is a thermal printer, btw. So, it is nothing particularly high-tech.

I can’t help but to think this gadget is a roll back of technology. We used to cover our desk, computer monitor, fridge, cabinets and whatnot with sticky notes, but since the digital revolution, we have them on our computers and smartphones – complete with alarm for reminder.

Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer

But with the Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer, the digital revolution somehow gets rolled back to analog time, back to where physical, tree-killing sticky notes were still relevant.

Anywho, if you all for it, you can pre-order the Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer from Amazon.com for US$89.99. Also currently being funded is a Smart Cuckoo Clock and a Smart Nutrition Scale. But TBH, those two are less intriguing as the Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer.

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