Whether you are looking to expand your digital workspace of your laptop or want a really big screen for mobile gaming or work, the Lumonitor Portable 4K Monitor will have you covered. Yes. It is yet another 4K monitor, but this one not only has many promises, but it is one hell of a looker.

Lumonitor Portable 4K Monitor Pre-order

Despite it being just 6 mm (you heard that right. 6 mm!) and weight a mere 1.3 pounds (590g), this 15.6-inch 4K touch- and stylus-friendly display is packed with bells and whistles, including plug & play with absolutely no setup or app required and support for multiple Lumonitor and other displays.

The monitor further features true LED backlight for vivid colors and deep blacks, compatibly with virtually any device, gaming-ready, less than 10 ms response time, built-in Hi-Fi stereo speakers, eye-care optimized (anti-glare, anti-blue light and flicker-free filtering, and built-in battery that good for 4 hours when use as a standalone tablet.

Lumonitor Portable 4K Monitor Pre-order

The battery can also provide your USB-powered device with emergency power when the situation calls for it. And did we mention it has an array of I/Os that will put any of today’s ultra portables and MacBook to shame?

And yes, that is still 6 mm thin device. I/Os include a 3.5 mm auxiliary jack, a HDMI port, TWO USB-C ports, and a micro USB port.

Lumonitor Portable 4K Monitor Pre-order

You can use Lumonitor Portable 4K Monitor as a second display for your laptop, turn your smartphone into a computer, use it along with your smartphone for presentation, use with wireless controller and your smartphone for gaming, and more.

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If you are sold by the idea, you may want to consider pre-ordering the Lumonitor Portable 4K Monitor today for a discounted price of US$399 (U.P. US$799). If that’s not enough, our readers can score a further 5% discount when you use the code FMETQG. Now, how’s that not a good deal?

All images courtesy of Lumonitor.

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