iCade Jr. Arcade-style Controller for iPhone

iCade Jr. Arcade-style Controller for iPhone
(photos: ION Audio) iCade Jr. | US$tba | www.ionaudio.com

playing retro games on your iPhone is a refreshing change but the lack of the iconic physical controls, plus the 21st century metal-and-glass combo just don’t make the retro-gaming experience feel as authentic, unless you have a matching retro arcade cabinet to go with it. the iPad has it and so should iPhones and the iPod Touches. meet the iCade Jr., the shrunk down iCade cabinet designed specifically for your iPhone and iPod Touch. like its larger sibling, it is styled like your favorite retro arcade cabinet and comes complete with eight buttons (four front and four back) and an arcade-style joystick that grant you control to more than 100 Atari classics including Asteroids, Centipede and Pac-Mac. connection between your iPhone and the controls is via Bluetooth connectivity, of course. the iCade Jr. is a coming soon product from ION and as such, its price and specific availability remains a mystery.

ION via ars technical

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