At the time where tourism is practically pulled to a stop, the cruelest thing to do now is to tell you where are the best places to go. And that is exactly what Tripadvisor has done. It has revealed its annual Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Awards for Beaches.

Agonda Beach, Agonda, India
Top: Whitehaven Beach, Australia; Above: Agonda Beach, Agonda, India

You may ask, how the heck they derived with this ‘2021 World’s Best Beaches’ when no one traveled in 2020? Well, here’s how:

“Highlighting travelers’ favorite beaches across the globe, from sweeping white sand and turquoise waters in tropical climates, to dramatic cliffs and pounding surf in some of the most secluded spots on Earth, the awards are based on the quality and quantity of reviews and ratings from Tripadvisor travelers for beaches, gathered over a 12-month period. New for 2021, the Best of the Best Beaches also takes into account the volume of “saves” for beaches on Tripadvisor, reflecting the position that many travelers were in for much of 2020 — unable to travel, desperate to explore, lusting after the beaches they wished they could visit.”

Dang. I feel like I am living in The Truman Show.

Saint Pete Beach, Florida, USA
Saint Pete Beach, Florida, USA

Anywho, according to Tripadvisor, Australia’s Whitehaven Beach takes the top spot while the fifth best in the world, Florida’s Saint Pete Beach, is the number one beach in stateside. Meanwhile, Agonda Beach in Agonda, India is the most desired beach in Asia.

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You can see the complete list of Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best award-winning beaches for 2021 HERE.

Featured image: Tourism Whitsunday.

Images: Tripadvisor.

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