I confess. I am not so much of an archer and so when I first picked up a bow and arrow, I realized that you do need some pretty serious core upper body strength to work this range weapon. It was nothing like Hollywood movies where the protagonist just picked one up and becomes a marksman right away. Not even close. Anywho, understanding the strength a bow can offer, a start up leverages on the shape of this ancient weapon to create a versatile and effective fitness equipment which you can bring anywhere. Gorilla Bow, as it is called, combines the structure of a bow with a powerful resistance band technology to enable users to work on their back, chest, arms, shoulders, and even legs. It is almost like having your own gym, but without the need to confine yourself in a mirrored wall, air-conditioned room with a dozen of sweaty dudes.

Gorilla Bow Resistance Training Fitness Gear

With Gorilla Bow, you get to train whenever, wherever, be it day or night, in the park or at the beach. Best of all, unlike some made-for-home fitness equipment that consumes a chunk of space to store when not in use, this aircraft-grade aluminum fitness contraption, despite its length, will not take a whole lot of space to store. It is flat, which means it can be easily stowaway in the storeroom, under the bed, or even inside the closet – all without the need to collapse it. I don’t know about most people, but to me, anything that touts foldability makes me lazy. But in the case of Gorilla Bow, it is just a matter of retrieving it from under the bed and start using. No fancy Transformers kind of transformation to keep the size down, and that my friend, sounds like a win in our book.

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Gorilla Bow will be hitting up Kickstarter this spring, but prior to that, the outfit wants you to have a shot in winning a FREE Gorilla Bow. To have a chance to win Gorilla Bow, all you have to do is to sign up HERE and keep your fingers crossed.

Gorilla Bow Resistance Training Fitness Gear

Images courtesy of Gorilla Bow.

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