No. What you see here is NOT Ken Block’s 1,400 HP 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR famously seen smoking out and making donuts on Pikes Peak two years ago. At least it isn’t the actual car. What you see here is a replica of the legendary car that, saved for a few chrome bits, is made entirely out of LEGO Technic elements. Absolutely bonkers.

LEGO MOC Ford Mustang Hoonicorn

This incredibly detailed LEGO MOC was the handiwork of Lachlan Cameron, AKA Loxlego. It is so detailed that you’d be forgiven to think it is the actual car. If you ask me, I’d say that this LEGO Technic MOC of Block’s legendary ride easily put some official LEGO Technic sets to shame. What made this LEGO Technic MOC 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR so delightful is, it is drivable, well, as a remote control toy, that is.

LEGO MOC Ford Mustang Hoonicorn

It has a ton of details, right down to the twin turbos that popped out of the hood, handbrake, an all-wheel drive drivetrain, working transmission and even dual differentials. Those features are mere scratches on the surface only. It also sports opening hood, trunk and doors, detailed V8 motor, working lights (eight in total), and functioning suspension – just name a few.

In case you have not fully comprehend the situation here… yes, this is a LEGO Technic MOC – complete with functional remote control system baked right into it. Cameron’s 1965 LEGO MOC Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR is drivable via WiFi using a smartphone. One can only imagine the amount of planning and devotion put into it.

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While this is not an official LEGO Technic set money can buy, you can buy the PDF MOC building instructions from Rebrickable for £22 (about US$29).

Images: Flickr (loxlego).

Source: Rebrickable via

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