Freaker Sneaks is not shoe brand and that’s probably a good thing, or else this shoe customizer founded by U.K. born artist Jonny Barry wouldn’t be able to turn out shoes that you desired in your favorite, sometimes one-of-a-kind design. Having said that, if you are tired of off-the-shelf sneakers and if you have been bitten by the nostalgic gaming bug, then you should really check out Freaker Sneaks’ Jordan “Super Nintendo” IV. Well, the product pretty much says it all. There’s really nothing we can add on except for two things: it has a colorway that’s a nod the Super Nintendo chassis color and each pair features D-pad and buttons that are actually pulled from official Super Nintendo controllers, and hence they are can actually be pressed.

Jordan “Super Nintendo” IV by Freaker Sneaks

Unfortunately, they can serve as a quirky controller for your ancient Super Nintendo. The buttons are real, can be pressed, but totally non-functional. Sorry to disappoint if you do have such expectation. Oh, one more thing; the tongue of the shoes do have retrolicious branding, indicating it is a “Super Nintendo” kicks, just so everyone knows. Beyond those, Jordan “Super Nintendo” IV by Freaker Sneaks is the Jordan you have grown to love, or maybe not.

Whatever it is, you can’t deny the allure brought about by the grey colorway, brightly color buttons and the good’ol D-pad. The best part is, it is for sale in exchange for an undisclosed amount and the not so great part is, only limited quantities are available, or ten pairs, to be exact. At this point, we suspect all have been spoken for. I think.

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Jordan “Super Nintendo” IV by Freaker Sneaks

All images courtesy of Freaker Sneaks.

Freaker Sneaks via Luxury Launches

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