ZTE Axon M Is Flip Phone Over Again, But Now It Is A Screen Instead Of Keypad

Before a real foldable smartphone promised by Samsung becomes a reality next year, China handset maker ZTE has a “foldable” smartphone to offer to eager early adopters. Called ZTE Axon M Dual Screen Foldable Smartphone, it is not quite the foldable device most of us have in mind. Instead of a foldable display, it gets, […]

ZTE’s Crowd-sourced Android Phone With Eye-tracking Hits Kickstarter

Smartphones are mostly born out of top-down approach. Meaning, manufacturers assume what consumers need and dished them out, regardless of whether the features will be used or not. Some makers may leverage on surveys and focus groups to give a more accurate picture of the demands, but China handset maker, ZTE, did something entirely different. […]