If I were you, I would stay away from the non-fungible tokens (NFT). I do not need to explain why. Neither do I need to dissuade you. If you have complete faith in this virtual hype and are adamant about the validity of NFT and you happen to be a super fan of Anime Ultraman, well then, this NFT from Rakuten is for you.

Rakuten NFT

If you haven’t already heard, Japan’s online retail giant has started its own NFT marketplace, simply known as Rakuten NFT and the first NFT is offered in collaboration with Tsuburaya Productions, featuring CG assets of the Anime Ultraman.

Rakuten NFT, which was announced last year, will open its door on February 25. On this day, you will be able to purchase the Anime Ultraman NFT by Tsuburaya Productions, featuring “Premium Digital Art” of Ultraman, Seven, and Ace.

For the uninitiated, Anime Ultraman’s season 2 will be streamed on Netflix in April.

NFTs purchased can be collected on the “My Page” of the Rakuten NFT marketplace website, where it also be listed and sold.

I know many people have tried to explain what NFT is and if you still cannot get a grasp of the concept, just take it as a trading card that exists only in the virtual world.

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Anime Ultraman NFT will go on sale on February 25. Limited to 78 units per design, the Rakuten NFT by Tsuburaya Productions will sell for 7,800 yen (which is about US$68 based on today’s going rate).

Images: Rakuten [JP].

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