After seeing all the fancy suits Spider-Man has gotten, I have to say I am not a fan of the suit the wall crawler will be donning in the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man video game. That’s me. And it won’t stop me from telling you about its collectible figure coming from Hong Kong-based toy maker, Hot Toys. Yes. You heard that right. There’s going to be a Hot Toys Marvel’s Spider-Man 1/6th Collectible Figure. Believe it. Not often you see video game characters getting the collectible figure treatment from high-end toy makers like Hot Toys. This has got be one of those rare times.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 1/6th Collectible Figure

Marvel’s Spider-Man 1/6th Collectible FigureCreated based on Spider-Man’s appearance in the upcoming video game, this 12-inch, highly posable collectible figure features 30 points of articulation, a newly developed masked head sculpt with three pairs of interchangeable eye pieces, a newly developed body, a highly detailed and meticulous tailored Spider-Man suit with a white spider emblem on the chest, multiple interchangeable hands, an arsenal of accessories, including a Spider-Drone, a trip mine, web bombs, Spidey plushy, Vulture Jammer, different expressions shooter with several spider web accessories, a specially designed dynamic figure stand and finally, a backdrop of city view rounds up the package.

Strangely, the figure also comes with a strange accessory that goes onto the head sculpt that mimics Spidey’s spider-sense tingling. This is the Spider-sense we are talking about:

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 1/6th Collectible Figure

The Hot Toys Marvel’s Spider-Man 1/6th Collectible Figure is set to be released sometime in Q2-Q3 2019. However, you can secure a unit now from retailers like Sideshow by pre-ordering it for $250 (or there about). It will be quite a wait, which I am not a fan of. By the time it arrives, you have probably played the game several times over.

Hot Toys Avengers-Infinity-War Iron Spider (Galaxy Color Version)

In a related news, if the video game web-slinger isn’t your thing and you prefer cutesy stuff, there is the Avengers: Infinity War Iron Spider (Galaxy Color Version) to look for. This kawaii Spider-Man is a bobblehead that falls under Hot Toys’ Cosbaby line. As the product name implies, it gets psychedelic color consisting of red, blue, green and metallic gold which Hot Toys said “symbolize the amazing galaxy.” It is not small though; it stands roughly 6 inches tall (15 centimeters). However, we are unable to find when it will be available and neither are we aware of its associated sticker.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 1/6th Collectible Figure

Marvel’s Spider-Man 1/6th Collectible Figure

Images: Hot Toys.

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