Having entertainment onboard a cruise ship is obviously not new. However, what’s new is trying to stuff a theme park onboard and also claiming to be have the “world’s longest roller coaster at sea.” That, folks, is exactly what Genting Hong Kong-owned Dream Cruises is touting with its upcoming “Global Class” ship, Global Dream.

Construction of this ambitious cruiser liner is currently underway in Germany and when it debuts in 2021, it will become the “first-ever them park concept at sea.”

Strangely, the theme park is called “Dream Park at the Pier” and not “Dream Park at the Sea” which makes me wonder if the rides are only allowed to operate when the vessel is docked.

Dream Cruises Longest Roller Coaster at Sea

Anywho, the roller coaster, called “Space Cruise”, promised to “defy the physical limits experience by conventional roller coasters” that would let riders experience speeds of up to 60 km/h (37 mph) and at acceleration over 1g “almost everywhere” on the 300-meter (984 feet) track.

The roller coaster is conceived by German company Maurer Rides. However, I am kind of anticipating quite some wait to get on one because, Space Cruise has only 3 carts with each car accommodating up to two riders in an inline configuration (think motorcycle).

Interestingly, each car has an integrated throttle that would allow riders to control the speed of the ride. It looks like Space Cruise is based on the thrill ride maker’s Spike Coaster, a motorcycle-like roller coaster.

Dream Cruises Longest Roller Coaster at Sea

In addition to the roller coaster, which no doubt will draw some serious line, Dream Park at the Pier will also a host of other attractions, including a modern (and huge) take of bouncing castle, a trampoline park, bungee trampoline, surfing simulator, a gyro ride – just to name a few.

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As a cruise liner, 208,000 Gross Tonnage, 340-meter (1,116-foot) long vessel boasts 2,500 cabins, which includes 151-suite, that will accommodate up to 5,000 passengers.

The ship further features some state-of-the-art user-level technologies like Bluetooth locks and a smart system that lets passengers control things like LED mood lighting, climate control et cetera with a smartphone app, voice commands or touchscreen panel.

Dream Cruises Global Dream is slated to set sail in Q1 2021.

Images: Dream Cruises.

Source: The Sun.

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