Unless you are a watch enthusiast, you probably have not heard of Tendence Watch. But you want to know about Tendence if you are a super fan of Batman, specifically Jim Lee’s Batman.

Batman Collaboration Watch Collection by Tendence

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Tendence in Japan (Tendence Japan Co., Ltd.) has teamed up with DC Comics to present the Batman Collaboration Watch Collection which includes three models, namely, Batman, Joker, and Bat-Signal.

Based on Tendence Gulliver Round, the Batman model features an illustration of the cape crusader by Jim Lee. The Bat-Signal model, which is based on Tendence Flash, boasts a super cool Bat Signal on the dial face and features an LED light-up function.

Batman Collaboration Watch Collection by Tendence

Finally, there’s the Joker model which is based on the watchmaker’s King Dome model and the most unique model of the three.

The Joker model features a frontal headshot image of Joker but with his eyes covered by his namesake. The namesake is where the fun begins with this watch. “The Joker” spins and when it does so, it revealed a hidden text “HAHAHA” accompanied the Gotham’s villain’s sinister laughter.

Batman Collaboration Watch Collection by Tendence

The Joker model is also the most exclusive with a limited run of 100 units. Needless to say, it is the most expensive, commanding a grand 64,900 yen (about US$562) while the Batman and Bat Signal models sell for 49,500 yen and 45,100 yen (around US$428 and US$390), respectively.

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The purchase of each watch also comes with a notebook with a cover that matches the watch’s dial face design. In addition, buyers who purchase online will receive a comic cover notebook. And folks who pre-order online will get a Batman gift set that includes a face mask, a cup, and a shopping carrier. The gifts, including the notebook, are while stock lasts.

Images: Tendence Japan.

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