Packing For Travel Deciding Which Clothes To Take

It’s something everyone suffers through; you sit on your suitcase in the hope that it’ll close, and you won’t have to narrow down your clothes choices any further, only to find out that the weight is over your allowance anyway. Packing for travel can be a very tricky endeavor, and especially if you’re going somewhere with changeable weather or planning a lot of activities.

So how do you best decide what to take? Here are some tips to help you pack only what you need.

Packing For Travel Deciding Which Clothes To Take

Think Multi-Purpose Shoes

Footwear is arguably one of the most difficult things to pack, as it can take up the most room. Having to fill more than one pair of shoes can mean sacrificing significant space. Anything you can do to narrow down your footwear will be helpful.

If you’re planning an active trip which will see you walking a lot, then one good and strong pair of walking shoes is a good way to go. If you invest in walking shoes instead of boots, these can still support you in the right way, but also double as comfortable trainers that can still be worn with other outfits. If you’re lucky and you keep them clean as you go, it might be the only pair of shoes you need to pack.

Wear Your Accessories

Don’t waste space in your luggage by packing accessories you’re going to need; wear them to the airport or on your person instead. If you need to take a thick coat, it’s better to wear it whilst traveling than packing it. If you’re planning a winter break, wear your scarf and hat instead of packing them. Don’t forget accessories which keep you protected, too, like travel chargers to stay connected, and polarized sunglasses that can help to protect against glare. These items can easily be stowed in your hand luggage instead.

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You Don’t Need A New Outfit For Every Day

It’s always tempting to take surplus outfits so that you have a choice, as well as extra so you can wear something new every day. However, this is unrealistic and isn’t needed. It’s okay to re-wear the same outfit, and this is most likely what you would do at home anyway. So, take items you know are suitable for a range of uses or formalities, like a plain, smart top and pants which can be dressed up or down.

Think Comfort

It might be better to take looser-fitting clothes and comfortable clothes, as these are more adaptable. They provide enough room if you want to layer up if it becomes cold, or they will be loose enough if it’s too warm. If you’re moving around a lot, you may prefer a looser fit to tight clothes.

It’s more of a risk if you only take tight-fitting clothes with no alternative and regret it if you become uncomfortable in hotter weather.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to pack is about thinking sensibly and realistically. Think about what you most comfortably like to wear at home, and what you’re most likely to reach for, rather than packing options for the sake of it. When choosing key items, think about those which fit for a variety of purposes rather than just one purpose.

Featured photo by Jaxson Bryden from Pexels.