The Future Of Gran Turismo Racing Game Will Be More Realistic Thanks To AI Driver

Ever played a racing video game and think the AI drivers are too easy to beat? Well, “stupid” AI drivers may be a thing of the past with Gran Turismo Sophy Racing AI Agent.

Lamborghini V12 Vision GT Is Latest To Join Gran Turismo Sport‘s List Of Digital Supercars

The moment I lay eyes on the Lamborghini V12 Vision GT Supercar, I thought it spells “alien.” I know both the Lamborghini V12 Vision GT Supercar and Cybertruck are different category altogether, but man, in the design perspective, they represent the extreme ends of the spectrum.

Here’s An Affordable Way To “Own” The First All-Electric Porsche Even If You Can’t Actually Afford It

Porsche has taken to this year’s International Auto Show (IAA) in Frankfurt to reveal “two new cars” of a different nature (Porsche is calling it “virtual world premiere”). They were digital versions of the marque’s automobile, namely, Taycan Turbo S and the design study “917 Living Legend.”

Gran Turismo Sport For PS4 Unveiled, Offers Bonus Cars For Pre-order

Whether you are a motorsports fan or a Gran Turismo enthusiast who has outgrown the original GT series, the Gran Turismo Sport will definitely tickle your pickle. As the game title suggests, is the racing version of the hugely popular Playstation ‘real racing simulator’ console game created by Polyphony Digital. Available for Playstation 4, the …