Lamborghini V12 Vision GT Supercar

The moment I lay eyes on the Lamborghini V12 Vision GT Supercar, I thought it spells “alien.” I know both the Lamborghini V12 Vision GT Supercar and Cybertruck are different category altogether, but man, in the design perspective, they represent the extreme ends of the spectrum.

While the Cybertruck looks futuristic with clean, angular lines, the Lamborghini V12 Vision GT Supercar is, well, complicated. It somehow reminds us of Michael Bay’s Transformers. In fact, it feels like part Transformers, part Speed Racer.

Lamborghini V12 Vision GT Supercar

However exotic it may be, the good news is, it is a ride both you and I can behind the wheel because, it is a digital supercar conceived for Gran Turismo Sport for Sony PlayStation 4. It is set to be virtually available starting Spring 2020.

The virtual Lamborghini V12 Vision GT Supercar is powered by the powertrain borrowed from the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, i.e. a V12 motor married to hybrid technologies. It is a single-seater race car in which the driver enters the cabin like a jet fighter pilot, from the front of the car.

Like a Formula 1 race car, key controls are all located on the futuristic steering wheel while key parameters are projected virtually in front of the driver.

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It safe to say we won’t seeing a real car anytime soon and so, you safest bet in getting behind the wheel of one is via Gran Turismo Sport.

All images courtesy of Automobili Lamborghini.