Mini Car AirPods Case

You probably have seen enough AirPods case already, but we are quite sure you don’t mind hearing yet another, especially it is this cute. This one is called Mini Car AirPods Case. Mini Car AirPods Case is exactly what it says it is. And no, it is no mini (as in size) car; it is the MINI, the automotive brand.

Mini Car AirPods Case

By now we should have your full attention. If not, you are probably not a fan of MINI rides. Mini Car AirPods Case is a unique and fun spin on AirPods case. It does not profess to be compact. It just look adorable.

It comes in a variety colors and a set of stickers for you to deck out your MINI. So, there you have it. It protects your beloved AirPods charging case and even has a dust cover to shut out dirt from the charging port.

It is compatible with both the 1st- and 2nd-generation Apple AirPods. You can find it on Brando selling at a discounted price of $16 (U.P.: $20).

Images: Brando.

Source: Technabob.