for a true racing game fan, having a gaming chair and a steering wheel set are never good enough. if you happen to have a lot of cash to spare, then you can perhaps consider turning your spare room into a true car simulation center with the Motion Simulation TL1 Simulator. taking up about 6.4 m2, this sleek, futuristic sphere features the world’s first 180 degree, spherical projector screen (patent pending, if we may add) and a variable driving position cockpit that can be rotated to go from Touring and GT car driving positions to one that mimics the Eurofighter’s. it can even be adjusted to extreme seating angles of a Glider or Formula 1 car.

choose between the barebone package that comes with the 180 degree, spherical screen, multiple seating angle cockpit, adjustable pedal plate and steering column, storage space for PC and game console, and cable management system or opt for the system that comes with a full plug and play package. the latter is available in two models: the TL1s and the high-end TL1 Professional. the TL1s is the standard TL1 plus three projectors with 3 million pixels on the tap, a high performance integrated PC, steering wheel and pedal set, motion cockpit floor with high frequency transducers, headphones and audio output from surround sound system. the holy grail of the three currently offered is the TL1s bumped up with three projectors with 7 million pixels, an ultra high performance integrated PC, motion cockpit floor with multiple high frequency transducers and a choice of a higher performance or optional professional steering wheel and pedal set. the Professional model also opens up the option to brand this expensive rig to call it your own, visually.

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besides requiring you to have quite a sizable room space for its placement, it is also pretty obvious that this advanced simulator setup isn’t going to be anywhere near affordable. if you are still clueless about how much it will cost, here’s a little heads up: the TL1 carries a price tag that starts from £11,500, while the price for the TL1s and the TL1 Professional starts from £16,500 and £33,950, respectively. check out a couple of larger views after the break.

Motion Simulation via CNET UK

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