Who’s There Chair by Daniel Ballou

Who's There Chair by Daniel Ballou
(photos: Daniel Ballou) Who’s There Chair by Daniel Ballou | US$tba | danielballou.com

it is apocalypse and the world as we know it, is gone. holed up in your fortress, you reinforced your windows as you would for an imminent tornado hit but what about the doors that are still vulnerable to the undead’s intrusion? you could have all your furniture against it with little or no intention that you will ever use the door again or you could jam a chair under the doorknob that could give way in due time, or you could use this purpose-built door jamming chair, aptly dubbed as the Who’s There Chair designed by California-based industrial designer, Daniel Ballou. as the name implies, it is a chair with a door jamming purpose built into it. it features a steel structure to meet the most brutal punishment, a notch on its solid maple wood backrest for a slip-free fit to the doorknob, and leveling feet with rubber grips for that extra reassurance that this chair won’t slip off when the door banging routine starts. unfortunately, this chair seems to be a prototype at this point in time, thus whether it will ever be made is still a mystery to us but still it is a nice piece of work to be appreciated by anyone who deem apocalypse is inevitable or who is constantly worried about home intrusion or just about anyone who love a good practical design. check out a few larger views after the break.

Daniel Ballou via The Fancy

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