Pain and sore are common among fitness buffs – especially who hit the gym often and hard. Unless you are pro, who have a specialize sports masseur to tend to your aching muscle, you will have to do it yourself.

Well, do it yourself, you can with the ExoGun. Before that, can I just say something? Is it me, or is this massage device looks like a power drill? Just saying…

ExoGun DreamPro Massage Gun

Anyways, ExoGun is a purpose designed massage device that will revives muscle, boosts circulation, and “releases energy” so you can recover faster. The power drill design is totally portable, so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

Apparently, it is “trusted by the pros.” Though no testimonies from any pros were offered. Here’s the product intro video with more details:

It comes with 6 speeds and 4 attachments for customized massage. There’s a low percussion setting for deep tissue relaxation massage. I imagine it is not completely DIY. You probably need some help at some point.

In any case if you are sold by the idea, our readers can score 10 percent off by following this link and entering the code ‘EXOGUN-CD7XHS’ – less the inverted commas, obviously. Last check the price of this little guy is a discounted $199.

ExoGun DreamPro Massage Gun

Is it just me or this image below is a little suggestive. No? Just me?

ExoGun DreamPro Massage Gun

All images courtesy of ExoGun.

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