There are bags that oozes with military style, but there are no bags that oozes with more military style than one that’s handcrafted using authentic, repurposed U.S. Military Pilots Parachutes. By U.S. Military Pilots Parachutes, we do mean the parachute that goes into the jet-propelled ejection seat that helps to get ejected pilot safely to the ground. Yes. That parachute. It really makes camo so passé.

In any case, camo is akin to wearing a branded piece slapped with a huge branding that screams “look I am expensive!” Being made of military parachutes is like reliability that needs no big branding to say it is so. The KILLSPENCER Parachute Collection is exactly that.

Being made from military-grade parachutes means it is lightweight and super tough – thanks to the ultra-lightweight ripstop nylon, plus mil-spec webbing. Seriously, I do not need further detail why the KILLSPENCER Parachute Collection is crazy cool, do I?

All told, the collection comprises of 6 pieces, including Parachute Belts Bag 2.0 ($265), Parachute Daypack ($350), Parachute Duffle ($400), Parachute Market Tote ($185), Parachute Mini Daypack ($285), and Parachute Zippered Pouch ($110). Each item is offered in flexible, shiny Olive Drab with antique silver RiRi zippers.

The KILLSPENCER Parachute Collection is cool and all, but as you may have already noticed, they don’t come cheap. You can learn more about the collection HERE.

All images courtesy of KILLSPENCER.

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