Believe It Or Not, Tennis Racket Backpack (For A Single Racket) Is Now A Thing

Well, you know what? I never imagine the day I will be saying this, but here it is, a Tennis Racket Backpack. Yep. Believe it, folks. A backpack designed specifically to let you carry your treasured tennis racket on your back is a thing now. If that’s not clear enough. KILLSPENCER Tennis Racket Backpack is […]

KILLSPENCER Parachute Collection Features Bags Made From U.S. Military Pilots Parachutes

There are bags that oozes with military style, but there are no bags that oozes with more military style than one that’s handcrafted using authentic, repurposed U.S. Military Pilots Parachutes. By U.S. Military Pilots Parachutes, we do mean the parachute that goes into the jet-propelled ejection seat that helps to get ejected pilot safely to […]

Here’s The New Mini Basketball Kit From KILLSPENCER You Want To Know

KILLSPENCER is not a brand you’d associate with sports equipment. They do, however, have some really classy sporting gears. The Indoor Mini Basketball Kit we saw a few years ago is one of them. Not only it is still selling today, but there is a couple of new versions too, namely, the Polished Chrome Collection. […]

Batman’s Utility Belt Is Cool, But KILLSPENCER Utility Belt Is Cool & Real

Utility belt is not exclusive to Batman. Construction workers use utility belts too, though granted, the cape crusader’s variety is a lot cooler… that is until KILLSPENCER Utility Belt came along and Batman isn’t real. You are real, though, and that kind of makes KILLSPENCER real-life version utility belt super cool. Sorry Batman. Truth does […]

KILLSPENCER Introduces Handcrafted Leather Accessories For Dogs

To be honest, KILLSPENCER’s latest offering really surprises us. KILLSPENCER is a name synonymous with stylish products catering to style-conscious homo sapiens like you and me, but what we didn’t expect was KILLSPENCER extending this style influence to pets too. That’s right. KILLSPENCER is making uber stylish accessories for pets too – specifically for man’s […]

KILLSPENCER’s New Leather Snap-on iPhone Case: Simple, Beauty

KILLSPENCER is the go-to brand if you want absolute style and if style is what you want on your iPhone 7, then look no further than the KILLSPENCER’s new Snap Case for iPhone 7. Crafted from premium full-grain leather in black, this slim-form Snap Case keeps your iPhone 7 safe from knocks and bumps without […]

KILLSPENCER’s Ascension! Installation Is One Basketball Hoop That You Don’t Want To Take The Shot

Mini basketball kit, which is basically consist of a basketball installed with a ring and net for practicing your ball skills indoor, but not with these, because they are an entirely different ball game. Dubbed Ascension! Installation, KILLSPENCER takes the previously introduced mini basketball kit several notches up the scale and transformed an otherwise regular […]

KILLSPENCER Mini Basketball Kit Lets You Turn Your Home into a Super Stylish Indoor Basketball Court

If you’re all up for a game of basketball during the winter time, then indoor basketball is the way to go, but unless you have a sprawling estate that wouldn’t be possible, which makes the Mini Basketball Kit by KILLSPENCER a favorable proposition. However, this is not the mini basketball that you may have known […]

KILLSPENCER Card Carrier Provides You with a Stylish Way of Carrying Cards with your iPhone 6

if you one) you depend on cards for your daily survival and two) hate to mar your iPhone 6 ultra thin profile, then we think the Card Carrier for iPhone 6 by KILLSPENCER might be the accessory worthy of your consideration. the Card Carrier is essentially a combination of a decal made from real wood […]