Get into the spirit of Super Bowl with this super luxe Football from KILLSPENCER. You heard that right. A Football. From KILLSPENCER. But unlike the premier lifestyle brand’s indoor basketball kit, this ain’t no mini. It is a standard size example. Though, it is made of leather too. Like, what else would use to make a Football?

Black Horween Leather Football by KILLSPENCER

This special edition Football by KILLSPENCER is made of premium Horween “official football” leather and black suede, paired to black leather laces. It is handcrafted and laced in the good’ol U.S. of A.

The leather’s genuine and proprietary tannage and extracts, along with the unique Tanned in Tack process, is said to offer excellent grip in all conditions. But honestly, you are not going take this 350 dollars Football to the field, are you? That’s a lot of money for a Football, or any ball for that matter.

Black Horween Leather Football by KILLSPENCER

It is, IMHO, meant as a trophy of sort. For admiration in your home, or just messing around as you watch the big game (or any Football game).

The Black Horween Leather Football by KILLSPENCER joins the brand’s growing list of leather sporting gear that includes mini indoor basketball, baseball, soccer ball, and baseball mitt.

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