The Hook Shot And MagSafe Sanitizer by Unnecessary Inventions

Matty Benedetto, the man behind Unnecessary Inventions, is back with a couple of, well, Unnecessary Inventions. I think Matty is being humble. Many of his inventions, including the modesty curtain for eating, are not quite unnecessary. They just look weird if they were really put into use.

Here’s a couple new things which he have came up with recently which we think are necessary “Unnecessary Inventions.” The first is called The Hook Shot. Hook Shot is a coat hanger that automatically pours you a shot of hard liquor when you hang your coat on it. It is simple and yet functional. OK. Maybe not perfect as you can see in the “commercial” the man made.

The next one, called MagSanitize Pro, looks kind of familiar. It is an Apple MagSafe sanitizer dispenser we saw digital artist Fotis Providas first pitched last year. The difference is, Benedetto has made it real. And also, this ain’t no Purell.

What makes Benedetto’s Unnecessary Inventions stand out is, he always starred in the commercials he created to “promote” each invention.

As quirky and as awesome these inventions are, they are not for sale. However, you can Matt selling some of his inventions with real world applications HERE.

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Previously, the man has taken his Puzzle Coffee Table to Kickstarter. So, if you are interested in his inventions, be sure to follow the man on Instagram, YouTube, or signed up to be on his newsletter over at his website.

The Hook Shot And MagSafe Sanitizer by Unnecessary Inventions

Images: Unnecessary Inventions.

Hat tip: boing boing.