Sunshine 60 Rooftop Zipline Ride

Malls around the world, take note. This is how Japanese malls attract shoppers: ensure one of your mall has a Pokemon Center megastore, integrated with a hotel, a planetarium, and if possible, an aquarium. If all else fails, or you just need a little more boost, set up a zipline “thrill ride” atop of your menacingly tall skyscraper like what Sunshine City did on its building in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro suburb.

Sunshine 60 Rooftop Zipline Ride

Sunshine 60 building is, for a limited time, home to zipline on the roof and the aforementioned attractions are also in the same building. Now, that’s some serious ways of attracting crowd to your mall. And yes, the zipline is indeed on the roof, or to be precise, at 231 meters (758 feet) above ground, at the complex’s observatory known as Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory.

You will not be zipping from one building to another, or all the way to the ground, though. You will be merely be zipping from a scaffolding structure back down to the actual roof. The building is actually 226 meters (741 feet) tall, btw. The scaffolding that enables the thrill adds 5 meters (16 feet) to it, hence the 231 meters.

Sunshine 60 Rooftop Zipline Ride

Anywho… the entire journey is just 18 meters (59 feet) long. Along the way, you will be treated to an unobstructed view of downtown Tokyo, including Shinjuku and Marunouchi districts, and of course, the busy streets below – if you can make yourself to look down, or keep your eyes open without freaking out.

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Interestingly, the exhilaration before even before you scale the scaffold take the zip because, the roof has no railing. There is no barrier of any form between the edge of the skyscraper and the ground 226 meters below. Also, it is worthy to note that intoxicated guests will not be allowed to ride the zipline. So, trying to use alcohol to overcome your fear is a no go. Just thought you should know.

As noted earlier, the Sunshine 60 Rooftop Zipline Ride is not permanent. It will open on July 24 and runs through to September 23, 2019. Each heart-pounding ride will cost 1,000 yen, or about US$9.28.

And this is the Sunshine 60 building where the zipline is being setup:

Sunshine 60 Rooftop Zipline Ride

Images: Sunshine City.

Source: PR Times [JP] via SoraNews24.