CASETiFY Reusable Cloth Face Mask

You heard that right, folks. CASETiFY, the gadget accessories better known for its string of collab products, also sells face mask. No fancy name here, though. It is just called Reusable Cloth Mask and it is kind for a good cause.

CASETiFY Reusable Cloth Face Mask

For every Reusable Cloth Mask the company sells, it will donate a mask to the frontline health workers. Prior to that, the gadget accessories maker have already donated 35,000 masks to Direct Relief.

As for the mask, it is made of breathable cotton materials, washable, and fitted with a removable filter to further reinforce the barrier between the wearer and others. Each mask you buy will come with two PM 2.5 filters.

CASETiFY Reusable Cloth Face Mask

The filter is multi-layered, featuring an activated carbon layer, sandwiched by non-woven fabrics and melt blown cotton. The filter is good against smog particle, pollen as well as dust from traffic.

While this mask is obviously not medical-grade, it is, as we said many times before, a barrier of some kind is better than none. If you need a little more convincing as why mask does indeed help, do check out our post on the science of why you should wear a mask and how droplets can spread.

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The CASETiFY Reusable Cloth Mask can be had for US$15 a pop.

Images: CASETiFY.