Infographic: Cost to drive to Mars

Infographic: Cost to drive to Mars
(image: Nissan North America) click on image for larger view.

now. we all know we can’t actually fly to Mars yet, let alone drive there. come on dude, Mars is like 352 million miles (dependent on the orbital paths) away from Earth which would takes months to get there. in geek’s term, this means that whatever gadgets you bring there could be old technology by the time you reach there. which also means the cost of getting to the Red Planet will be an astronomical sum that ordinary beings wouldn’t be able to comprehend, unless you are a financial guru or NASA financial geek. Nissan has taken advantage of the buzz surrounding the Mars mission and came up with an infographic to show us, the regular folks, how much it would cost if we were to drive to Mars in the 2013 Nissan Altima (and comparing it with its competitors, of course). ok, may be this not as infographic as it is but more of a marketing-advertisement plot but hey, at least now we know it would cost at least 34 millions in today’s money to travel that mind-boggling distance. click on the above image for a larger view.

PS: Mars is about 55 million km away from Earth and that’s on a good month (or months) but getting there is not just plain point-and-shoot as both Earth and Mars are orbiting around the Sun.

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