Remember the groundbreaking combat flight simulator game F/A-18 Interceptor on Amiga? A U.K.-based independent UK developer, Red Chain Games, has revealed that it is developing a combat flight simulator inspired by the classic Amiga video game from 1988.

Supersonic Fight Combat Flight Simulator Video Game

Called Supersonic Flight, the game lets players pilot the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet multi-role fighter on missions over the San Francisco Bay Area. The game is being developed not just as a homage to the groundbreaking classic video game but as a platform that fills the void in the flight sim market where you have Ace Combat on one spectrum and DCS (Digital Combat Simulator), aka the Microsoft Flight Simulator of combat aircraft, on the other.

In other words, it injects elements of realistic flight simulation into Ace Combat without the complex steps demanded by such simulation games. The result is a game that promised to be easy to pick up and offers a taste of what it is like to be flying one of the multi-million dollar flying killing machines.

Supersonic Fight Combat Flight Simulator Video Game

With the Supersonic Fight, Red Chain is devoting quite some attention to the soundtrack which it has partnered with musician D4XX, who is best known for his remixes of Amiga music, to produce original music imbued with a distinctly retro vibe for the game.

As for the game, it will offer a single-player story with multiple missions and there is also an online multiplayer game mode with several game modes including Dogfight, Team Dogfight, Capture-the-Flag, and VIP.

Supersonic Fight Combat Flight Simulator Video Game

The Supersonic Fight is being developed for multiple platforms, including Steam, VR, and consoles, and it is slated to release in Q4 2023. In the meantime, here’s the announcement trailer:

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Images: Red Chain Games.

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