P^cubed Travel Pants

P^cubed Travel Pants - The Adventure Travelers Pants and Shorts
(photos: Clothing Arts) P^cubed Travel Pants | US$79.95 | clothingarts.com

squeezing yourself through busy streets in a strange, foreign land and finding yourself being a victim of pickpocketing is the worst nightmare of any travelers. besides suffering material losses, you might be left with some embarrassing torn pants. so the next time you travel, make sure you are all geared up with P^cubed Travel Pants, a pick-pocket proof pants from New York-based firm, Clothing Arts. available to suit both adventure and business travelers, the P^cubed Travel Pants feature pockets with all-around covered zippers that are further secured by buttons, secret passport and money pocket for your valuables, cut-resistant pockets, expandable cargo pockets that will fit your Guidebook, a pair of smartphone pockets, detachable bottle holding pocket and they are wrinkle, rain and stain resistant. the P^cubed Travel Pants come in a few versions that include business traveler pants, business traveler shorts, adventure travel pants and adventure travel shorts. prices for the P^cubed Travel Pants start from $79.95 and runs up to $109.95 a pair. click through for a few more look.

Clothing Arts via Mercury News

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