Following the fiasco regarding the Back to the Future Transformers toy, Takara Tomy has revealed, via Twitter, that it will be selling this the Transformers DeLorean Time Machine figure in Japan.

However, all that we need to know about this toy is already known. We are crossing our fingers for our Japanese friends that it won’t be an exclusive to any store and it won’t be limited to 1985.

Takara Tomy Back to the Future Transformers Toy

My take is, it will likely NOT be a limited copy. This would probably be the mass market item which Hasbro has reportedly said will be available sometime in October. Hasbro already busted the balls of fans and I am pretty sure Takara Tomy will learn a thing or two from it. Well, they better do.

While I am not too keen on the figure, if I could have it, I would. I certainly, for my life, won’t pay 600 dollars, let along over a thousand, to scalper. The thing about free economy is, usually fans surfer because, scalpers are there to spoil the market.

Pricing is not known at this point.

Takara Tomy Back to the Future Transformers Toy

Images: Takara Tomy [JP].

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