Not every PC gamer has the luxury of space and if you are one those living in a space-starved dwelling, then a compact gaming PC that makes no compromise is the way to go. And ‘a compact gaming PC that makes no compromise’ is exactly what the new Maingear Turbo Gaming PC is about.

Maingear Turbo Small Form Factor Gaming PC

Better yet, if you are a fan of AMD, because, it is available exclusively with all the latest AMD Ryzen processors. Two years in the making and in close partnership with AMD, Turbo offers performance and cooling of a full-sized desktop while having a footprint that is no bigger than a shoebox.

A regular shoebox, I would presume and not Shaq’s because, if so, it’d still have rather big of a footprint. All told, Turbo measures 14.4 inches deep, 6.7 inches wide and just 12.3 inches tall (36.6 x 17 x 31.2 centimeters). That, btw, is only slightly longer than a foot-long sandwich. It is that small.

Maingear Turbo Small Form Factor Gaming PC

Worthy notables include 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen Zen 2 desktop processors, up to 64 GB DDR4 3600 MHz memory, top-of-the-line graphics cards, Gen4 PCIe NVMe SSDs, supports up to true 4K 120 Hz ray-traced gaming, and full-sized desktop liquid cooling.

Each Maingear Turbo Gaming PC is hand-assembled by a single master craftsman, using the best materials such as server-grade steel interior, aluminum exterior and tempered glass side panel.

Moreover, you get to customize the rig with a selection of components like custom sleeved cables, coolant colors, RGB lighting and exterior finishes. Speaking of exterior finishes, you can choose from Maingear’s selection of designs or upload your own artwork, which will then be applied using MARC III custom paint process.

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It is available for pre-order with a starting price of US$1,499.

Images: Maingear.

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