This Maingear 1ofONE Build Has Fizzling Cooling Fluid That Looks Like Coca-Cola Flowing Through It

Do you know that soft drink giant Coca-Cola is involved in eSports? Yeah. They are and TBH, I have no idea at all. But now I do because of this awesome Maingear x Coke eSports 1ofONE Coca-Cola Gaming PC. Yup. It is a Coke-branded PC, alright, but do not mistaken it as just a regular […]

Maingear Outs Console-size Steam Machine, Touts 4K Gaming Experience

Have a big-ass 4K TV? Then you would probably want to play your favorite PC or Steam games on it as opposed to game console or even a regular PC. Lucky for you, the days of black, towering chassis has gone, so you can actually don’t feel ashamed of putting a PC in your living […]

Spark Is Maingear’s Smallest Gaming PC Yet, Priced At $699 And Up

thanks to the advancement in components development, capable PC – gaming PC in particular – need not to be a monster. hey, if it can do the job well and still be inconspicuous, then why the hell not? obviously, this new kid, Spark – as Maingear call it – is not the first or the […]

Maingear Pulse 17 Gaming Laptop

just how thin can a 17-inch class laptop go? well, we don’t know the answer, but we will take 0.85″ (21.59 mm) as the thinnest for now, which is what Maingear Pulse 17 Gaming Laptop is touting. as to whether it is in fact the world’s thinnest as Maingear has claimed, we will let you do the research and be your own judge.

Maingear VYBE 15 Laptops

if you were a laptop maker, how do you make your laptop stand out from the thousands of laptop in the market? as for us, it is natural for us to not know the solution, else we wouldn’t be sitting here blogging away. anyway, New Jersey-based firm Maingear has a brilliant idea: getting your laptop to ship within 24-48 hours or at least that’s what the firm has promised for their…