What you are looking at is an emergency ventilator developed by custom gaming PC maker, Maingear. Working with a board of advisors made up of medical professionals and experts in the field, the prototype of the emergency ventilator named LIV was materialized in a matter of 2 weeks.

Maingear Pro WS Workstation PC

It was put together using 3D printed parts, along with off-the-shelf components to lower cost, makes it easy to build and also ensure scalability.

“The MAINGEAR LIV combines redundant power circuits, multiple safety features, and a unique coupling device which contains and drains exhaled aerosolized virus from the patient while allowing routine maintenance under severe conditions. Each unit has preset standard values for use by untrained personnel, as well as dedicated software which is controlled via touch screen interface, giving access to fine adjustments in addition to the manual regulation controls on the device.”

Maingear Pro WS Workstation PC

Maingear LIV Emergency Ventilator was revealed earlier last month and at that time, it has yet to get the green light from U.S. FDA. Not sure if it did at this point. Continue reading for a video of Maingear CEO Wallace Santos walking viewers through the Maingear LIV Emergency Ventilator.

Images: Maingear.

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