we have seen a few interesting concepts of how to ride on what the nature has to offer, namely fire and heat, to charge your portable gadgets, such as the CampStove, the FlameStower, and of course, the usual solar chargers, and now Hydrobee joins the rank with an interesting proposal: using the power of running water to charge up a portable battery that could be used to charge virtually any USB-powered devices. this one is made for water adventurers, be it sailors, fishermen, or whoever who is expecting to be near the running water source out in the wilderness. this water-powered USB charger comprises of two parts: a generator-equipped turbine battery and a Hydrobee body with propeller to drive the former.

the concept is simple enough: you put the Hydrobee on a running water source such as a river, or tow behind a moving boat. electricity will be generated and stored in the battery pack once you have at least a current speed of 1.8 m/s or about 4 mph, which honestly speaking, shouldn’t be too hard to get or achieve, especially if towed behind a moving boat. charging time takes between two-three hours and when it is fully charged, all you have to do is to removed the battery unit from the Hydrobee body and start charging your device through the built-in USB port – on dry land, obviously. the magic lies in the turbine battery unit, which can also be attached to a running faucet to be charged. so if you find yourself needing to let the faucet runs, such as when watering the garden and stuff, then just slot this in and get the Hydrobee charged up at the same time.

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the Hydrobee Water-powered USB Charger is not a reality yet; for that to happen, it needs your support and you can do so by making a pledge of $24 or more through the project’s Kickstarter campaign page. check out an informative pitch video below to learn more.

Kickstarter via TechCrunch

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